4th Annual Art Party of the Year Rescheduled - Karen Petty   ...an artist in Laguna

4th Annual Art Party of the Year Rescheduled

See the Venue @ rentlagunabeachsanctuary.com

APRIL 11, 2020 FROM 12-7 PM

We, the artists, want you to know how disappointed we are to have to postpone the 4TH ANNUAL ART PARTY OF THE YEAR.
This is an informative ART WATCH FORUM set up to keep everyone in the loop as the episode of Corona Virus unravels and the ban on gatherings of 10 or more stays in place. You are all welcome to add your thoughts and suggestions at anytime and keep this event alive! This is a small group, a group that has come together with common interests and like minds so please stay in touch to hear about the new date for the 4TH ANNUAL ART PARTY OF THE YEAR.
We care about you and would love to hear your stories on our FACEBOOK ART WATCH FORUM. Let's band together through this social distancing order.
Also, we would like to say as concerned artists, we are very sensitive to the overwhelming circumstances that have changed our daily lives and we are very sad for the people who have been affected by this virus.
The decision has been made by the artists to set a tentative date for 2 weeks after the ban on gatherings has been lifted, which is set at April 1st in Laguna Beach. With this in mind the new 4TH ANNUAL ART PARTY OF THE YEAR date should be about April 11th. Again, we will keep you all updated every day when we know something.
Poul Pedersen, our entertainment, is on board to be there exciting us to dance together on the new date and has words of wisdom from the revised words of Elvis Presley's song 'It's now or never', Poul says
Wishing you all good health and wisdom through these difficult times, let's continue to support each other, creating a stronger collective force!
Hoping to see you all in a couple of weeks.
Love and more,
Karen Petty - Host
An artist in Laguna

Spirits, Hors d'oeuvres, Live Music by Poul Pedersen, front man for Missiles of October, Complimentary clairvoyant readings by Lisa Najjar & chair massages by Healing Hands, Mario Romeo.

Local Artist on Exhibition are:
Karen Petty ... karenpetty.com
Beau Donnan ... beaudonnancreative.com
Leslie Edler ... flamingojewelry.com
Victoria Foley ... moxiesaint.etsy.com
Gina Lunn ... hermannlunnglass.com
Randy Morgan ... randymorganart.com
Sean Hunter Brown ... seanhunterbrown.com
Robert Jones ... jonesceramics.com

Open House @ the Big House on the Hill
featuring Exclusive Fine Art in Laguna Beach
We invite you to our celebration of Art where
ten artists will gather to exhibit their best art for you.
Thanking you for your support throughout the years
Park @ Thurston Middle School and follow the balloons down to Hillview

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