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My First Sale on Amazon!

I have a few dozen works listed on Amazon, and I've been waiting to see how it goes before I put more. It's taken quite a long time to get the first sale, but I think it might be because I only just started getting people's reviews. Amazon seems to favor products that have reviews and questions asked.

This is a real milestone for me, though. My first sale on Amazon!

Woo - hoo!

Viva La Vulva LA

Empowering Sexual Health Through Art

Join us for our Opening Night of Viva La Vulva Art Exhibition. It will be an evening of art, education, and important dialog surrounding female sexual health on March 8th (International Women's Day)

Night will include:

  • Live DJ
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Opening remarks
  • Original short video made for Viva La Vulva Art Exhibition

For more info, visit
And be sure to visit REN GALLERY

Raven Sweet on Amazon

Art Party of the Year

Commissioned Artwork: Valentine’s Day

Commissioned Artwork: Man with a Heart On

Man with a Heart On

What a great idea for your loved one.  Karen has been creating this concept for over 20 years and each one is specific to the character you request.  She has created sports, professions, modern interpretations of every kind, but her favorite is to use a photograph of your favorite person to personalize it to your specifications.

They are all original 4” X 6” on board with rounded edges and framed in a black shadow box.  Each one is 250$ and will take about 2 weeks so plan accordingly.

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