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Dancer, KoKo, Dad, and Me

This is my horse, Dancer; she is an ex-racehorse, and she won her first race by 5 lengths. She and I have worked out several kinks on settling her down since, and I am proud to say I was only run into the fence once, and side sidled off once. This doesn’t seem like something to be proud of, but for all the times she tried her hardest to buck me off, she was never successful, and now, after 8 years, we have a great respect for each other.

It was my first inclination to draw the horses when I was 8 years and was actually published in “Appaloosa News” for a drawing that my mom submitted. So, I guess it’s safe to say riding horses and art have been my inspiration my whole life.

Enjoy the world of Art and Horses with me at my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Gracious Love & Life for You

Thank You for making
It was the best year ever for originals finding their deserving home *** I am so grateful and full of life’s Love for every engaging moment in the 2019 summer show at the Dust!!!

Call anytime for a studio visit or my favorite show of EVER is just around the corner!
(949) 280-5504

Hot Toddies at Winter Fantasy

Rain is in the forecast for this weekend so I say let’s have Hot Toddies in my booth #517
Call me for free entrance into the most beautiful Christmas Art Show in all the World ~ Love, Santa, Snow, Artist, Animals and Live Music!

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Winter Fantasy details

Heaven at the Dust

The last days of the ‘Dust” are upon us. What a BEAUTIFUL show it has been. Lots of LOVE spread, lots of art sold to new and old clients. I thank you for the patronage and support for me to paint for the Winter Fantasy coming in November, I will be in the same booth #517.

Some of the most fun filled days are the last days! We have great bands coming for US to celebrate the end of summer, Jason Feddy Band on Friday night, Missiles of October” on Saturday and World Anthem Sunday, which is our final day of the Summer Sawdust Art Festival.

It was the best year ever and I hope to see you before we close. Hurry, Hurry, and be sure to call me to enter into the Sawdust Art Festival! Open 10am-10pm everyday!

HEAVEN is at the Dust Now


This new original sold 3 days after we opened!!!
I have made a limited edition of her … she is called
This year is dedicated to the ones we Love the most
Giclées are made on canvas or 150 lb. watercolor paper in whatever size you wish for.

First ones run off will be Artist’s Proofs, they are, by far, the best reproductions to own, so hurry hurry!
Call anytime to come see my new works:

Now showing @ The Dust in Laguna Beach
We are now open 10-10 everyday until September 1st