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Patina Women

Patina is a thin layer of corrosion, usually brown or green, that appears on copper or copper alloys, such as bronze, as a result of natural or artificial oxidation. These works are called ‘Patina Women’ because I primed my surfaces with paint that had copper alloy in it and then threw acid at it to artifically patina the surface.

Each of the sides are painted with geometric “Klimtesque” design work and some of them took longer than the front image to produce, making each one impossible to reproduce completely.

(Thanks dad for making the masonite canvasses for me ~ I Love You!)

Patina Women – I

Dimensions: 12″ X 48″ framed
Price: 5200.00$ Original

This work is on masonite with 2 inch sides, each side painted with geometric “Klimtesque” design work. Some of the sides of the patina women actually took longer than the front.

my heart hurts
where your pendant lies
and my head aches
where your impression hides . . .
in the sky
when the moon beams
and the rain screams why
are you only in my dreams

Giclées available on 150 lb. w/c paper from France – Pairing saves $$ !!
Sizes: 6″ x 10″ = 35$ or 8″ X 16″ = 68$ or 10″ X 20″ = 98$ ~ includes shipping.

Call for quote on larger sizes.