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Winter Fantasy Last Weekend

Call me to make an appointment and get exclusive deals on your favorites from my collection!

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Winter Fantasy LOVE w/play button

What Is This “Behind the Tarp” Dealio?

Winter Fantasy gingerbread house
What's Behind This Tarp Dealio?
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Shhhh! Don't Go Sharing This News All Around!

... an exclusive one on one rummaging through the layers of creations of art ...

This is a special look behind the scenes for my clients and friends who have been with me over the years and want to have Art that you and yours have wished for.

This is only Monday - Friday between the weekends and you must call for an appointment.

Winter Fantasy Love Stairway

candy cane top

Winter Fantasy is only open on the weekends so this is the perfect opportunity to meet up inside the 'Dust', make great deals for the Art your loved ones have ogled or get yourself what you always wanted.  We both will benefit between the Weekends because remember  we are going to be tearing down our booths in two weeks!
This year 2016 was the best and I am going to hate to see this booth come down so let's take advantage and  and have a unique Christmas experience for you. I will help you with your Christmas photo-op for your Holiday cards also, The Town Square is amazingly set up this year.
This is my favorite show EVER and the perfect opportunity for me as an artist to bring you special opportunities to get that one giclée or original you always wanted without the hustle.

Besides there is free parking and plenty of it.


(949) 280-5504


Behind the Tarp