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Untamed Love & Wild Fruit

So this weekend was the third date set for the

Art Party of the Year

and all I can say is 'Shit n Damn" who knew
this could ever happen in the World?
We are focusing on opening the
Sawdust Art Festival
and I am only going to be delivering the tentative date
that our Board is aiming for
July 18, 2020
this is without any guarantee as we all wait
to see how things unfold and that, my friends,
is the way things are going at the moment.

On a happier note I have written a book
with 50 of my poems and 50 paintings
it is a lovely tribute to life and Love...
Untamed Love & Wild Fruit
There is going to be a small & private get together
in @ the big house on the hill in June sometime.
These are images of the jacket cover.
The book will be 10" X 10" hardcover and I will
let you all know when it is ready to sell.
Until then let's carry on in a safe and
respective manner to keep all of us
Happy, Healthy & Well.
Karen Petty at her easel, 2020