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Creators of Content 20% OFF

It's a Creator's Christmas Sale!

I decided to keep the Blue Moon and Blue Tears giclées on sale for 20%OFF AND make it a Creators of Content Christmas by showcasing my 2017 works of that title. Click the plus sign to reveal the two sales happening until January 1st, 2021. So, until midnight on the first day of the new year, all sizes of my Creators of Content giclées, and my Blue Moon and Blue Tears pair of giclées, (they look so good displayed as a pair,) will remain at 20%OFF their regular prices!

I apologize in advance if this site seems to load slowly; it's beyond my control, but thank you for your patience.

Call me if you have any questions:
(949) 280-5504

Artlita Artist Community: Karen Petty

Meet Karen Petty. At just age 8, Petty was published in Appaloosa News Magazine. She then began selling her paintings out of the Chicago Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery at the age of 23. Currently living in Laguna Beach, a place she’s called home for 30 years, she continues to make art that provokes “independent definitions” and basks “in the enlightened”.

“Reaching inside our souls is my inspiration. Take me if you will. I will gather from all of you what makes Us grow.”