Interiors: Let Your Imagination Run Wild - Karen Petty artist in Laguna

Interiors: Let Your Imagination Run Wild


Interiors: Queen

Great Couch

Interiors: Great Couch


Interiors: Bedhead


Interiors: Kitchen



Interiors: Akumal

Great TV

Interiors: Great TV


Interiors: Daybed


Interiors: Queen
In the Queen Room, I placed "White Light - Beyond Love VI"
Interiors: Queen

White Light - Beyond Love VI

On the Kitchen wall we have three "Stairways to Heaven"
Interiors: Kitchen

Stairways to Heaven

In the Great Room, above the TV, I placed "Color of Life - Poppies"
Interiors: Great TV

Color of Life - Poppies

In the Great Room, above the couch, I placed three of my newest works, to be named soon
Interiors: Great Couch

Golden Trees - The Universe

Above the fireplace is where I put one of my "Life is Beautiful" series
Interiors: Fireplace

Life is Beautiful

Above the daybed is where I put two of my "Pink Moons" series
Above the head of my bed is where I put "Twilight III"
Filling the wall to the side of my bed, is "Akumal I"


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    Matthew Kenninjoy November 13, 2018

    I love this page! I love how your artwork looks in these interiors!

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