Pink Moons Inside Me - I - Karen Petty artist in Laguna

Pink Moons Inside Me – I

Width: 12 in.
Height: 43 in.
Original: $5200.00

Giclées available on 150 lb. w/c paper from France
8″ x 10″ = 35$ or 16″ X 20″ = 68$ or 18″ X 24″ = 98$ ~ includes two long ones on a page and shipping.

“Pink Moons inside Me”
Twas the year James Koch taught me how to weld ~ Each one of these were painted (oil) on masonite that was rounded off and then a bracket was welded for the top and the bottom of each painting. These iron brackets had 8 welds on each painting ~ one on the top and one on the bottom and I used patina acid to green them up… this was done to create a yin yang feel to each of them. ~ Created in the year 2008.

magically unfolding a sensual delight of wet color and scent
waiting to pollinate, mature, and spread seeds for new beginnings…
Continuing the circle of our existence ~ because we were sown together…

Call for quote on larger sizes.

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