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Rise Up

“Rise Up”

Oil on Canvas
Video by Encore Art Paint

The team at Encore thanks Karen for her contribution to solving the monumental problem of unused paint. Encore Art Paint transforms the waste stream into material that artists use to create inspiring works of art. Encore officially launches January 2021. Visit us then at www.encoreartpaint.com

Artlita Artist Community: Karen Petty

Meet Karen Petty. At just age 8, Petty was published in Appaloosa News Magazine. She then began selling her paintings out of the Chicago Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery at the age of 23. Currently living in Laguna Beach, a place she’s called home for 30 years, she continues to make art that provokes “independent definitions” and basks “in the enlightened”.

“Reaching inside our souls is my inspiration. Take me if you will. I will gather from all of you what makes Us grow.”